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We specialize in supporting your corporate marketing department with the digital knowledge, skills and expertise to succeed in the online space. We work with you to understand your traditional marketing objectives, then strategically plan and execute your goals online. From developing new websites to managing site content or writing eNewsletters, we've got you covered.

About Us

Spider Design Team Members

We specialize in supporting your corporate marketing department with the digital knowledge, skills and expertise to succeed in the online space. We work with you to understand your traditional marketing objectives, then strategically plan and execute your goals online. From developing new websites to managing site content or writing eNewsletters, we've got you covered.

Holly Fowler
President and Certified Jedi Knight

Holly began Spider Design, Inc. in January, 2002 determined to make internet marketing simple for clients. Holly's dedicated consulting services continued to rapidly expand, fueled by satisfied customers who relied on the simple, genuine advice of a trusted partner. As an extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and innovative internet marketing expert, Holly has built, managed and grown a talented and driven team that provides a creative approach to internet marketing. Occasionally caught day dreaming of Eddie Vedder, Holly enjoys showing off her knowledge of heavy equipment, geek pop culture and pictures of her two adorable children.

Ed Fowler
Project Manager, Expert Marksman and Husband of the Year Nominee

As product development lead on special projects, Ed is Spider Design's very own Mr. Fix-It. From debugging programming problems to acting as the safety patrol when maintenance around the office is needed, Ed keeps everything in tip-top shape at all times. Ed's expertise in SharePoint, JavaScript, HTML, Photoshop and Flash are profoundly valuable when it comes to providing your company with the most up-to-date strategic planning and program/ project management solutions. Living up to his 'fowler' name, Ed enjoys spotting falcons, blue heron and bald eagles flying around the Spider Design office, our perch overlooking downtown Oswego on the shore of the Fox River.

Kara McPherson
Internet Copywriter, Content Manager and All-Around Amazing Person

The only human alive claiming to be best friends with Thesaurus.com, Kara creates compelling, web-friendly content for a variety of electronic media. Her flair for communications extends beyond English to Spanish as well. The dolphin-loving, Wilson-Phillips listening Kara heralds from rural Minooka where you'll find her on the weekends posting up at her favorite bar, Scooters. She can also bake a mean home-made pot pie. If she weren't so gosh darn good at her job, Kara would have had an excellent career at investigative reporting (which she still enjoys partaking in, on occasion, when needed).

Justin O'Connell
Digital Marketing Analyst, Office Jester and Illustrious Rock Star

Justin is the glue that holds our office together (and keeps us laughing). In addition to being the coolest dude in the office, he sports an analytical, detail oriented brain that makes him perfect for developing wireframes, managing detailed projects and analyzing web analytics data. And yes, if the face looks familiar, you probably recognize him from his most recent big-time rock gig opening for Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Park West in Chicago. The rock 'n roll lifestyle also pays off for us in the office, where we get to enjoy Justin's musical selections on Spotify (especially on 'Gangsta Rap Mondays')..

Kirby Davis
Account Manager, Master of Communications and Hobby Farmer

Winning the award for cutest name in the office, Miss Kirby Quinlan Davis is a multi-faceted powerhouse of awesomeness. With a Masters of Arts and Sciences in Communications from Illinois State University, she truly masters her accounts making sure that no client need goes unmet. Kirby is process oriented, and dedicated to ensuring tasks are completed on time, every time. When she's not eating healthy at the office, Kirby is at home taking care of her menagerie of pets, including our personal office favorites Notorious P.I.G. and Ollie the raccoon.

Kennan Del Mar
Certified Design Ninja Extraordinaire

A true master of digital design, Kennan weaves his web creating compelling visual designs and user interfaces every day. Not only a master at digital, Kennan's expertise also extends to print and front end development, which has earned him such office titles as 'Samurai', 'Ninja' (as well as 'Sugar Man' based on his fondness of cookies, doughnuts and other sweet treats). Kennan comes to us from the warm shores of California, with previous working assignments in Singapore. When he's not at work (getting things done before you can finish asking him to do something) Kennan enjoys spending time with Marsha, his beloved Cocker Spaniel who has traveled half-way around the world with him.

Allan Mercader
Systems Architect and T-rex Aficionado

Allan has an extraordinary ability to organize data and make the most complex systems understandable. With years of experience working with major consulting firms, Allan provides depth and a process-driven mindset to our development projects. His cheerful disposition, love of T-rex humor and ability to color coordinate his clothes with M&M’s makes everyone smile. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Allan downtown enjoying the city of Chicago and all it has to offer or at the gym working on his body combat skills to take out Justin in the pit someday.

Tommy Petritsch (aka Thor)
Content Manager and Chief Optimist

Tommy is the newest addition to the Spider family, joining us to assist with content management and day-to-day operations (which may or may not include answering the phones from time to time). Tommy is happy, energetic and always anxious to help others. He loves publishing news articles and his position at the front of the office where his Thor hammer helps him fight off intruders. Tommy also heralds from rock ’n roll upbringing and enjoys jamming out on his guitar and recording music with his German Shepherd in his spare time.

Internet Marketing Services

Information Architecture

When building a Web site, a lot of companies make a list of the information they have to offer, then build a site around that list.

Graphic Design

We believe good graphic design should be at the heart of every business. As far as Web sites are concerned, if content is king, graphic design is queen.

Social Media

60% of Americans use social networking sites. Trust us, this is not just a phase that will come and go. In fact, we see it expanding and growing even more.

Search Engine Optimization

Just like there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to getting better search engine rankings. On the one side, we have paid search engine marketing.

Website Development

Whether you're starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site, you need a Web site that defines what your company is today.

Email Marketing

Whether you're sending out eNewsletters to your loyal customers or coupons to potential customers, email should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy.

Content Management

Let's play a little game. Answer this question... honestly. When was the last time your Web site was updated? Although mind reading isn't one of our specialties...

Web Traffic Analytics

As in any marketing venture, the campaign is only as good as the results, and Web sites are no different. Tracking is key to monitoring what’s working and what isn’t working...


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